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Klemen Novak


About me

Klemen Novak, originally from Slovenia, studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and was a member of the 2007-08 Academy Company. He lives and works in Los Angeles and Europe. His most recent fim, "Four Things I Wanted To Do With You" screened on RTV Slovenia, the Slovenian National TV and circulated the European festivals. Other Film and TV credits include 'The Americans' (FX), 'Bored to Death' (HBO), 'All That Glitters', a micro-budget feature he also co-produced, and more than 20 short and feature films such as 'Hiba' by Sabina Vajraca (opp. Mira Furlan), 'Broken Clouds' by Yuri Alves, 'Private Moments' by Curro Sanchez and 'Welcome' by Maja Milanovic.

Klemen is fluent in 5 languages (English, Slovenian, German, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian and Spanish) and has a basic command of French, Russian and Italian. He enjoys his 2-year old daughter and spends a lot of his time developing and designing advanced web applications and sites.

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